Target market: Schools
Mobile app and web portal for staffing the school's own call-offs and substiute teachers.

August 2020

There are more than 2.800 schools in Norway. The process of contacting, hiring and managing the school’s pool of substitute teachers and substitute employees is cumbersome and time consuming. As of 2020, schools have encountered yet another obstacle related to this, the restrictions surrounding covid-19 have increased the demand for urgent staffing needs.

Vikarsystemet provides an easy-to-use web portal and smartphone app for digital communication between the school management and the school’s sub-pool using tools such as SMS notifications and automatic time sheets.

Since the product launch in august 2020, schools have staffed more than 500 urgent needs through the system and saved an immense amount of hours for school management. With upwards seven new urgents needs arising every day, Vikarsystemet has proven to be a valuable time-saver to the school managements.